Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is a method used to examine a small sample of a person's blood under a microscope.

Unlike traditional blood tests that involve staining and fixing the blood sample, live blood analysis allows for the observation of living blood cells in their natural state.

b.wellness Live Blood testing enables us to see exactly how one’s blood behaves in the body, giving a clear picture of one’s health at a cellular level. We don’t aim to diagnose based on observed patterns; we evaluate the biological environment for deviations or imbalances in the microbiome.

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Healthy Blood vs Unhealthy Blood



At b.wellness we use LBA as a guide to incorporate science-based food groups to create a natural equilibrium in your body.

01. We monitor the live blood.

02. Introduce science-based food groups to change the microbiomes.

03. The change that the microbiomes experience helps to eliminate the negative notifications.

04. A drop in the negative notifications of imbalances creates a drop in stress and anxiety, which eliminates inflammation and thus, curbs the fight, flight, or freeze state that the body constantly experiences.

Things we can see when you do LBA


Hormonal, digestive and blood sugar imbalance

Intestinal stress

Toxicity, oxidation and dehydration

Immune response

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Cortisol, cholesterol and adrenal stress

Cardiovascular, auto-immune conditions

Prostate (men) and reproductive organ (women) conditions

Thyroid and pancreas dysfunction

Chronic stress, arthritis and much more ..

How can LBA help improve your life

The dance between body and mind sets the stage for internal harmony, becoming the cornerstone of holistic health.

We steadfastly believe that a sustainable and wholesome lifestyle is not an elusive dream but an achievable reality with a healthy physical environment, dedicated effort, and mindful nourishment.

LBA takes on the role of evaluating the physical environment of a patient, orchestrating the alignment of body and mind to create a seamless rhythm in the pursuit of a balanced and vibrant life. Together, we navigate a path towards holistic well-being.


Why should I choose Live Blood Analysis (LBA) over traditional blood tests?

Live Blood Analysis offers a distinct advantage over traditional blood tests because it allows us to observe living blood cells in their natural state, providing a dynamic view of your health at a cellular level. Unlike traditional tests that involve staining and fixing blood samples, LBA offers real-time insights into your body's functioning.

What role does the Gut/Brain axis play in overall health?

The Gut/Brain axis is a vital connection between the microbiomes in your body and your brain. These microbiomes communicate with the brain, impacting your emotions, stress levels, and overall well-being. Understanding this connection helps us address both emotional and physical aspects of health.

Can LBA help with chronic stress and anxiety?

Live Blood Analysis (LBA) can indeed play a role in managing chronic stress and anxiety. By identifying imbalances and negative notifications in the body, we can introduce science-based food groups that help eliminate stress triggers. This leads to reduced inflammation and a more balanced state of being.

What is the core philosophy behind B.wellness and LBA's approach to health?

At B.wellness, our core philosophy is that "A healthy outside starts from the inside." We believe in merging the power of science with natural solutions to achieve holistic health. Live Blood Analysis plays a pivotal role in this approach, helping us understand your unique biological environment and providing evidence-based recommendations for your well-being.

Can LBA be a one-time assessment, or is it an ongoing process?

Live Blood Analysis can be both a one-time assessment and an ongoing process, depending on your health goals. Initially, it provides valuable insights into your health. For some, a single assessment may be sufficient, while others may choose to continue LBA as part of a long-term wellness plan, with periodic check-ups.

What kind of support and education do clients receive during LBA consultations?

Clients receive comprehensive support and education during LBA consultations. Our dedicated consultant imparts knowledge about the intricacies of their biological environment. We provide evidence-based nutritional and supplement plans to empower clients to make informed choices and become independent in managing their health journey.

How does B.wellness aim to transform clients' health journeys?

At b.wellness, our aim is not just to offer health solutions but to transform clients' health journeys. We believe in equipping clients with knowledge and tools so they can eventually take control of their well-being. Our approach is about creating independence in your health journey, with us as guides and support when needed.

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