Meet our BWellness Nutritionist


My passion is to empower people to give up dieting , nourish their bodies and find optimal balance with food and fitness for life. Educating people to apply the holistic approach to wellness and health . I focus on a low carb eating way of life, with good quality slow releasing carbs, good quality proteins and healthy fats . It’s all about balance, tailor making meal plans to suit an individual’s personal lifestyle and needs. I assist clients to slim down without the hunger , building and maintaining healthy habits and creating a holistic approach to food.  

Due to my own personal unhealthy relationship with food I experienced for many years , and gut issues, and my intense love for research , I have total confidence in the people I assist… I also overcame  my own eating disorder and distorted body image I had on my own body , I realised there must be a better way to approach weight loss as well as a more holistic approach to life and balance and exercise. I have been able to heal my own gut, with just the knowledge and know-how of how and what to eat to assist with this . When it comes to weight loss and the way I see people struggling and believing in “quick fixes”, I love teaching people we can eat from the rainbow , enjoy treat meals and still live at a healthy weight . 

Seeing people becoming and feeling happier and more confident in themselves brings me so much joy! A healthy lifestyle should be gentle , balanced and enjoyable. 

I used to use food to reward and then punish myself, I always compared myself to others, and I channelled all that self-hate into my body , and my body became my biggest burden. This was time consuming, stressful and incredibly tiring. 

“Today I have a softer approach to nutrition, health and well-being. I listen to my body and give it exactly what it needs , enjoying a balanced lifestyle , moving my body on a daily basis, enjoying a balanced approach to food focusing on food that’s not only nutritious in whole foods, and fats , but also focusing on being kind to myself….



Angela Kruger , graduated in high school with a matric exemption. Went on to study cosmetology , excelled as the top Cidesco International Student , Diploma. Currently a nutrionlist   , achieved a Diploma Certificate through the American Fitness Professional’s Associates, qualified as a certified wellness and nutrition consultant , AFPA, health, nutrition and fitness. Currently completing a second online Nutrition course through The Nutrition Institute , which is a cutting edge Diploma Course in Nutrition.